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UPV Journal of Natural Sciences Vol. 1, no. 2, December 1996

This is the second issue of this journal.

Serrano, Augusto E., Jr., S. Shimeno, and F. Nagayama. 1996. Activation and solubilization of glucose-6-phosphatase in isolated liver microsomes of yellowtail Seriola quinqueradiata. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(2): 96-108, December.

Seraspe, Ebonia E., K. S. R. Cuthbertson and P. H. Cobbaold. 1996. Evidence for the presence of muscarinic receptors in immature mouse oocytes: [Ca2+]I transients and oscillations. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(2): 109-118, December.

Toledo, Joebert D., S. N. Golez, M. Doi, R. S. Bravo, and S. Hara. 1996. Preliminary studies on the larval rearing of red-spotted grouper, Epinephelus coioides using copepod nauplii as early food. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(2): 119-129, December.

Torrento, Marlon C. and J. L. Torres. In vitro inhibition of Vibrio harveyi by Pseudomonas species isolated from aquatic environment.UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(2): 130-138, December.

BaleƱa, Rex. 1996. An optimal diagnostic circulation model. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(2): 139-143, December.

Juario, Jesus V. and J. R. Silapan. 1996. Acute toxities of mercury, cadmium, zinc and copper to Penaeus monodon postlarva. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(2): 144-149, December.

Aguilar, Glenn D. 1996. Current approaches for sharing design information. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(2): 150-159, December.

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