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UPV Journal of Natural Science September 2003

Note: This is the first issue of the UPV Journal of Natural Sciences, a publication of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, Miag-ao, Iloilo, Philippines.


UPV J. Nat. Sci 1, no. 1, June 1996

Formacion, Minda J. , T. L. Lam. 1996. Protein patterns in eggs, serum and ovarian fluid during egg overripening in goldfish, Casassius auratus. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(1):1-8, June.

Seraspe, Ebonia B. and Y. Lawrence, K. S. Roy Cuthbertson and P. H. Cobbold. 1996. Involvement of intracellular calcium mobilization in the maturation of mouse oocytes. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(1): 9-20, June

Santos-Yap, En. Emilia M. and A. M. Pascual. 1996. Development of fish p[rotein hydrolsate.UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(1): 21-29, June

Leaño, Eduardo M., G. D. Lio-Po, and L. A. Dureza. 1996. Virulence and production of extracellular proteins (ECP) of Aeromonas hydrophilia associated with the epizootic ulcerative syndrome (EUS) of freshwater fish. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(1):30-38, June

Nievales, Marie Frances J. and P. M. Aliño. 1996. Some aspects of the population biology of the reef coral, Pocillopora damicorrrrnis (Linnaeus), in Taklong Island, Guimaras. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(1):39-58, June

Serrano, Augusto E., Jr. and M. J. Apines. 1996. Effects of dietary protein and energy on growth protein utilization and body composition of juvenile grouper, Epinephelus coioides. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(1):59-71, June

Pilz, Jorg and J. Juario. 1996. Establishing a digital coastal environmental information system (CEIS) for Cebu Province, Phase I. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(1):72-89, June

Labis, Joselito P. and H. J. Ramos. 1996. Determination of energy width for negative ions in magnetized sheet plasma. UPV J. Nat. Sci 1(1):90-95, June

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