Thursday, August 17, 2006


Dr. T.V. R. Pillay Passes Away

I just read this sad news from Naga, WorldFish Center Newsletter, 28(1-2): 60, Jan-June 2005, p. 60.

Dr. T.V.R. Pillay, known as the Father of Modern Aquaculture Development in the World, and author of one of the most comprehensive and reliable books on modern aquaculture, (Aquaculture Principles and Practices. Fishing News, 1993, 575p.), died on February 9, 2005 at Bangalore, India after being in a coma for about three weeks.

Dr. Pilla has left some notable other books like Aquaculture and the Environment; Aquaculture Development: Progress and Prospects, and Planning of Aquaculture Development--an introductory guide.

He was a former Programme Director of the Aquaculture Development and Coordination Programme, FAO.

The report says that "He was a beneficiary to and mentor of innumerable fisheries and aquaculture scientists all over the the world."

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