Monday, July 10, 2006


Why This Blog?

Fisheries is one of the most important industries in the Philippines.
For the past decades, thousands of Filipinos have been employed in various aspects of fisheries, from aquaculture, fish capture, sustainability, education to marketing of fisheries products. The Philippine Fisheries Profile, 2000, reports that "The 1990 Census of Population and Housing conducted by the National Statistics Office (NSO) indicated that the fishing industries provided empoloyment to about one million or twelve percent of the agriculture, fishery and forestry secttor labor force estimated to be 6,589,176 persons. In aquaculture, about 9.2% (74,537) fishfarmers were angeaged in different culture methods; municipal contributed 46.4% (374,408) and commercial fisheries, 44.4% (357,984)"
In each of these categories, and more, fisheries libraries and related information centers play a major role in making these activities effective and efficient.
But in the process of managing fisheries information, a lot of problems are encountered by fisheries librarians like library budget, staff management, clientele-library staff relationship, specific information and data, like fisheries, fisheries statisitcs, and many more.
Of course, there are a lot of happy things that happen in fisheries libraries or information centers.
It is for this reason that this blog was created: To provide information related to fisheries and aquatic sciences.
the Philippines and abroad, to share ideas to become partners in the development of fisheries in the Philippines.

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