Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Parable of a Sweet Tongue

Every member of the library knows that Senag has a sweet tongue, yet she can make a deal with her co-workers. And when she is able to get what she wants, she will forget her promises. I do not know what power she has that she can twist the minds of her co-workers in her favor.

My wife called me up that she is allowing me to borrow money from our cooperative for Senag. So without any hesitations, I loaned five thousand pesos for Senag. She promised to pay the loan in a month's time.

Two months after, she has not paid the loan. She told me she was still waiting for her loan to be released by the GSIS. So I waited. But when her loan was released she just kept.

I noticed that she was always banging the door of the library when she gets inside or when she goes out. And she was always out of her desk--doing something else.

Six months passed and still she has not paid the loan under my name. She has many other reasons for not paying the loan.

And two years, still she has not paid the loan.

I prepared an agreement that she is responsible to pay the original loan plus its corresponding interest . She agreed. And she signed the document.

Three years after, she has not yet paid the loan. This time, she said she could not pay it because her daughter would go to Singapore as part of her practicum and so she needs money.

But when you look at this woman, she would always buy merienda as if she has no debt. She would wear new dresses. I just do not know whether she buys them in the ukay-ukay or somewhere else. She would always tell our co-workers that she had bought new things for their house.

I have been thinking of filing estapa case to this woman so that she would be forced to pay me and she would stop her unethical behavior.

But I do not know why I cannot even talk about it with a lawyer.

Meanwhile, I can not loan money from the cooperative because of my outstanding debt.

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