Thursday, July 13, 2006


Library Budget

Library budget is one of the many problems being encountered by librarians, fisheries librarians included.
And in allocating budget for each of the departments in the whole institution, usually the unit that gets the lowest is the library.
So how to get more budget for the library?

1. Utilize to the fullest what is given to you. If you do not spend the money allocated to your unit, then the administration will say that you do not need the money.
2. Prepare a project plan with the necessary back-up like a survey on the clientele needs, present capability of the organization, statistics of use. Use graphs for easy understanding.
3. Set a conference with your administrator or the head of the organization and present your problem. Be ready to bring your supporting materials. A visual aid can sometimes do magic.
4. Let your performance do the talking. Once your administrator has seen your work, then he/she will give you the needed budget.
5. If it is really difficult to get funding from your office, seek outside help. Contact your alumni and other friends.
6. Use the internet to ask for donations.

I know there are other ways to get more and higher budget.
If you have any technique to share, please send your comments.

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